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Welcome to my website (It's still under construction, duh!)

Please read this first before proceeding!

If you're a first time viewer on this website, then it's not surprise that it looks incomplete and indeed a very hot mess. But to any returning viewers, you can see that the website looks oddly different now thanks to how much style this has compared to the previous version. It's because I've decided to upgrade the website's HTML aesthetic into something more cleaner with an established template that I'll be playing around with in the time being until I'm more comfortableto to expand the code beyond tutorials. Atleast the site has a coherent structure for once, haha!

Further note, there will be more updates done to the website in the coming weeks and months, with small tid bits of editing done to the code that will transform the site into how I envisioned it to be from the start.


My name is Kamskii and I'm an absolute fellow when it comes to all internet-related things! I'm currently a fourth-year university student / workaholic that's trying to save up money for the next semester of studying nursing courses (haha, yaaay....;_;). Besides all that, I'm also an artist who's passionate about discovering juicy adventure stories and anything Y2K-related in various forms of media online. I also like to cook up new recipes from time to time, do voice acting for other small indie projects for fun, and edit videos for my YouTube channel! This year, my goal is to discover new hobbies and try to stick with some of the ones that I think will be worth hanging around for longer periods of time - Like coding for example (Hey - I'm doing that right now)!

I'm currently working on my own comic called AVONHALA, which is a fantasy-adventure series that will coincide with the game's events under the same name coming later this year.

I believe all orange sodas taste the same

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